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Reptriation with personal effects


Reptriation with personal effects

Italian nationals wishing to repatriate/ return to Italy with their personal effects, after a period of residency abroad, can do so without paying customs duties.

The applicant must book an appointment online for Notrial Services and produce the following documents during his / her appointment:

  • Three copies of the packing list, stating the total monetary value of their personal effects
  • Italian Passport
  • Air ticket

The personal effects of the Italian national returning to Italy permanently, will be exempt from customs duties provided that he/she resided abroad for a minimum of twelve months prior to repatriation. Spouses of Italian nationals may benefit from the same concessions provided that they relocate to Italy within six months of the date of their wedding.

Upon arrival in Italy, the applicant must:

  • Notify the local Italian municipality of their intention to take up residency and register their family.
  • Enroll their entire family with the public health insurer (ASL) , to obtain full coverage.