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Australian and US citizens wishing to marry in Italy


Australian and US citizens wishing to marry in Italy

Australian or US citizens wishing to marry in Italy, should produce a sworn declaration to their Consulate or Embassy in Italy in order to obtain a clearance to marry to present to the Municipality where the wedding will be held. This document, called Atto Notorio, is drafted by this Consulate General and is valid for six months from the date of its issue.

Affidavits are only drafted by this Consulate General, through an appointment (click here). Prior to their appointment, applicants must complete the online form available via the link below.

On the date of the appointment, applicants must come to the Consulate with:

  • Current and valid Passport
  • Proof of address in Victoria or Tasmania (driver license, bill, bank statement, etc.)
  • Original of Birth Certificate
  • 4 adult witnesses provided with their photo IDs (passport or driver licence), bearing no relation to the applicants

The cost of the atto notorio is approximately AUD 70 (depending on current EURO/AUD exchange) payable by debit / credit card.

Should one of the applicants not be an Australian or US citizen, the afore-mentioned documents are only required for the Australian or US party. Whichever the case, the applicant must always be accompanied by 4 witnessess.

If both applicants are also EU citizens, this affidavit is not required. 


application form atto notorio