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Recognition of Italian citizenship


Recognition of Italian citizenship

A citizenship appointment is not a passport appointment. In order to apply for a passport you must first be an Italian citizen.

To submit your application at the Melbourne Consulate you MUST be a resident of Victoria or Tasmania.

If you are not an Australian citizen you must be a permanent resident. (note: no other types/categories of visas are considered as permanent residency)

Italian citizenship application will require the payment of a fee for the amount of approximately $475 that must be paid in cash on the day of the first appointment.

The application fee is not refundable regardless of the outcome of your citizenship application.

On the day of your appointment you MUST attend in person and please make sure that you have the following:

  1. A valid Australian Passport*
  2. A valid Driver licence issued in Victoria or Tasmania with your current address (a driver licence on its own is not considered to be a form of I.D.)
  3. Your birth certificate
  4. The application fee (see table) payable in cash

Additionally to the above, you are encouraged to bring along all the documentation that you may already have to prove your Italian citizenship entitlement (birth, marriage, naturalization certificates etc..).

PLEASE NOTE before you translate or legalise (Apostille) your documents we strongly advise to verify your eligibility for Italian citizenship and the consistency of your personal details on the certificates/documents. This is to avoid translating or legalizing incorrect documents which will not be accepted.

*Your current passport and driver licence must state the exact spelling of your name, surname, date, and place of birth exactly as per your birth certificate (for example, variation of names such as Concetta into Connie - Giovanni into John or Joe or suburbs such as Carlton, Fitzroy, Cobourg or Kew are not considered Melbourne; eventual inconsistencies must be amended before the document(s) are submitted to support your application.

Please note that records already held by the Italian consulate/government cannot be amended or changed by way of a deed poll or change of name made in Australia.

Please be advised that if you book an appointment for passport application prior to have finalised your citizenship application your appointment will be cancelled by default, without notice.