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Financial assistance


Financial assistance

The Consulate General of Italy can provide limited financial assistance to resident and non-resident Italian nationals in need through subsidies and loans.


To be eligible for a subsidy, the applicant must be an Italian residing abroad and must give evidence of both urgent material need and insufficient personal means. The applicant must provide information about his/her personal financial situation, supported by relevant documentation such as tax returns, pensions receipts or subsidies provided by local Authorities, invoices of medical or pharmaceutical expenses, bank accounts etc.

A home visit by one of our Consular Officer may be necessary in order to ascertain financial distress.

Please note that subsidies are given only in exceptional circumstances.


Loans can be provided to Italian nationals who are temporarily abroad and find themselves in exceptional need of financial support.

Before extending such a loan, the Consulate General will contact the relatives of the concerned party in Italy, who are required by law to provide financial support in such a circumstance, unless they can prove that they are unable to do so (their situation may be verified with a home visit by officials from the Italian Police).