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Reacquisition of citizenship


Reacquisition of citizenship

Italian citizens who lost their citizenship may re-acquire their Italian citizenship by taking-up residency within any Italian city or town and submit an application at the local Municipality for their citizenship to be to be re-instated. Such an application cannot be lodged offshore hence the residency requirement in Italy is mandatory.

Further information is available in various languages on the Ministry of foreign Affairs and International Cooperation website at the following link:

Former Italian citizens who intend to initiate their reacquisition application before leaving for Italy, must book an appointment for "REACQUISITION CITIZENSHIP BY RESIDENCY" through the On-Line Booking system and on the day of the appointment bring the following:

  1. Italian birth certificate;
  2. Valid Australian Passport with name and surname exactly as reported on the birth certificate
  3. Australian citizenship certificate.
  4. Original receipt of payment of €250.00 (Euro) to the following postal account, addressed to: "Ministero dell'Interno D.L.C.I. – Cittadinanza – Via Cavour, 6-00184 Roma (RM) Italy Reference (causale): "riacquisto italiana" - name, surname, date and place of birth of the applicant.  IBAN: IT54D0760103200000000809020 BIC/SWIFT code: of Poste Italiane: BPPIITRRXXX  

Please note that in order for children under the age of 18 to acquire Italian citizenship they must be resident in Italy, at the same address of the parent(s) re-acquiring Italian citizenship.

By re-acquiring your Italian citizenship you will not be able to pass the right for citizenship to you children above the age of 18.


Update: 18/12/2019